How do I set a timeline or event timezone?

Setting a Timeline or Event Timezone can occur in many different places, however the process is always the same. 

To set the Timeline or Event Timezone:

1. In the Time pod (Pod 3), click on the intended Timeline or Event to open the Timeline or Event foldout.

2. Scroll down to find the "Timezone" section. 

3. There are two drop down boxes.  The first is a list of countries.  The second is a list of cities that are in the selected country.  The Timezone for these will initially be the Timezone of the Project.  To change them, select the country and city of your choosing.

4. Click UPDATE  to save your settings. 

NOTE: The only situation where you would NOT see an Event or Timeline's time value in your current Timezone is when you create or edit that Event or Timeline. In these cases, you are seeing the times in the default Timezone for the Project. 

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