Pods and the Map

All-In consists of 5 Pods: 

PROJECT : These are the Projects that you either have a Role in, or are part of your Group. 

TEAM : This is where you accept Invitations and see who you are working with on your Projects. 

TIME : This pod allows you to see how and where you and your Projects are spending time. Different views and layouts allow you to gauge different aspects of your time based on one Project, or multiple Projects. 

MEDIA : This is your document and messages manager. 

COMMUNITY : The All-in community is made up of Groups that share common interest. They can be company groups, professional groups or even special interest groups. 

So, how do you navigate these pods? 

We have provided you with a compass of sorts. 

In the bottom center of your screen you will see a bar containing the numbers 1 - 5.  Each of the numbers is a link to the corresponding pod.  The arrows allow you to move forwards and backwards through the pods and their foldouts.

The numbers also help you to "center" your pod. If your screen is smaller, such as a laptop or mobile device, you can toggle the alignment left and right by clicking repeatedly on the pod number.

Click on the #1 and you are immediately moved to the Project pod (Pod 1).  Typing [Ctrl+Shift+1] will have the same effect.

No matter where you are in the system, the Map stays at the bottom in the center.

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