Clicking on links, buttons or icons can produce one of two results; the system will move you to a different pod or a foldout will appear. 

Foldouts allow you to dig deeper into All-In.

Foldouts hold forms and information about objects within All-In. They appear to the right of the current pod and they move your screen slightly. 

It is possible to have multiple foldouts open at once. When a new foldout is opened, it appears directly to the right of the pod. The older foldouts shift farther to the right. You can have up to three foldouts open at once. As you continue to open new foldouts, the oldest one will automatically close. 

Pinning a foldout: 

If you would like to keep a specific foldout from shifting to the right, you can PIN it.  

To PIN a foldout, click on the grey PIN button at the top right of the foldout. 


The pinned foldout will now be highlighted by an orange border. You are now able to have up to three other unpinned foldouts open. If you choose to Pin another foldout, the previously pinned foldout will close automatically. 


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