How do I see my work?

There are several different ways to go about seeing what work you have to do and when you have to do it. Below is the most straightforward way to access your work:

1. Accept your Role Invitations

Go to the Team pod (Pod 2). If your Role Invitations are not displayed, click on the orange Role invitations button at the top of the pod. Hover over each Role Invitation. Two buttons (ACCEPT and DECLINE) will appear in the top right of the Invitations. 

If you accept the Role, refresh the Project pod (pod 1) and your new Project will appear.  

All-In uses the terms "accept" and "decline" as we believe that each person is responsible for their work, and that by accepting a Role, you are making a conscious decision to accept all the responsibilities and ownership that come with that Role.

2. Open the Project you wish to work on. 

To do so, first go to the Project pod (Pod 1) and click the orange My current projects button at the top. This will show you all the Projects on which you have something to do in the next two weeks, or that are late. 

Click on the Project label of the Project you wish to open (see image). The Project details will now be visible in the Time pod (Pod 3). 

3. Adjust the settings to control what Events show up in your Time pod (pod 3). 

a) SHOW MINE ONLY view: Selecting this option will make visible only the Events for which you have a Role. 

b) HIDE DONE view: Selecting this option will hide from view all Events that have been marked "Done". 

4. Open and view Notes and Documents for your Events. 

Click on the Event label in the Time pod (Pod 3) for the Event that contains the Notes and Documents you wish to see. 

The EVENT foldout will appear to the right. Click the blue Notes & Docs button at the top. 

The EVENT NOTES & DOCS foldout will appear to the right containing all the related Notes and Documents. 

You can also open the EVENT NOTES & DOCS foldout directly by clicking on the small pen or paperclip icon beside the Project label.   

For more information on document viewing see:

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