Composing, Performing, Communicating and Sharing

All-In is not Project Management software in the command-and-control sense. Our metaphor is more orchestra than army. All-In users can be thought of as Composers, Performers, Communicators and Sharers.

Composers (most often a Project admin) create the Project objectives, milestones, and steps. They are responsable for creating Projects, Timelines and Events as well as inviting people to fulfill specific Roles. They ensure that the correct people are sitting around the table and that the Project has reasonable short-term goals. Project composition provides an ideal opportunity to design Integrated Processes, in order to enrich participation and understanding among the participants. On a typical Project, only a few people are considered Composers. 

Performers play the parts. They complete Events to maintain the momentum of the Project. While Performers can be thought of as specialists who bring their unique skills and perspectives to the table, a great Performer's strength lies in his or her ability to harmonize their contribution seamlessly into the whole. Every All-In user is considered a Performer. 

Every All-In user is also a Communicator and a Sharer.

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