Projects, Timelines and Events

The relationship between Projects (1), Timelines (2) and Events (3) is hierarchical. 

Each Project contains one or more Timelines. Each Timeline contains one or more Events. 

TIMELINES are used to group Events. Events can be grouped on criteria such as sharing a common objective, being assigned to a common Role, or sitting within a common phase. 

EVENTS are Tasks, To-dos or Milestones that are contained within Timelines. Each Event is completed by a specific person or persons who have a specific Role on the Project. 

Event Types: 

  • Task - Has at least a start date. It may also have an end date which indicates that it has been accomplished over a period of time. It begins as "not Done" and remains that way until someone marks it "Done"  
  • To-Do - No start or end date, it begins as "not Done" and remains that way until someone marks it "Done"  
  • Milestone - Has an end date but no start date. 

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