How do I see older versions of a document?

Each time a new version of a document is checked-in, it automatically becomes the current version. All the previous versions are still accessible and can be set to be the current version at any time. 

Accessing the current version of the document: 

Open the NOTES & DOCS foldout for either the Event, Timeline or Project that the document is linked to. 

This can be done by:

a) clicking on the paperclip icon next to the Event, Timeline or Project label.   

b) hovering over the Event or Timeline label and clicking on the grey DOCUMENT button, or clicking the Project label.     

Seeing all versions: 

1. Hover over the document. Click the grey > button. 

2. A DOCUMENT foldout will appear to the right containing details about the document. Under the "Version" section there are two numbers. The first is the current version's number and the second is the number of versions that exist for that document. Click on the second number to see the other versions of the document. 

3. An EDIT VERSIONS foldout will appear to the right containing all the versions. If you would like to download a specific version of the document click on the orange [Download] button. 

4. To edit which version of the document is the current version, select the "Current version" option at the botton of the version box. Complete the process by clicking UPDATE

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