How do I send Notifications to others?

A Notification is a type of message that is sent from one user to another. 

Any user with a Role is able to send Notifications. For instance, a user with a Role responsible for a Timeline could send Notifications related to that Timeline or any of that Timeline's Events. To get a better idea of who can send Notifications, see the Permissions article under Getting Started

Notifications can only be sent to users with a Role related to the Project, Timeline or Event. 

A Notification can be sent: 

  • when a new Document (or new version) is uploaded
  • when a new Note is created or when an existing Note is edited 
  • when a new Timeline is created or an existing Timeline is edited
  • when a new Event is created or an existing Event is edited 
  • to remind a user with a Role about a Timeline or Event 

NOTE: By default, all users receive email copies of the Notifications they receive. To learn how to opt-out of receiving email copies see the How do I change what Notifications I receive? article in Communicating

Sending Notifications with a Document, Note, Timeline or Event: 

While there are several different actions that allow you to send a Notification alongside them, the steps for sending a Notification are generally the same. 

1. When completing a form for a new or edited Document, Note, Timeline or Event you will see the option to "Select team members to notify". 

2. Check-off who you would like to notify. You can also add a subject and message to the Notification. 

3. Click SAVE to update the Document, Note, Timeline or Event and send the Notification. 

Sending a reminder Notification about a Timeline or Event Role: 

1. To send a Notification to someone to remind them about a Role for a Timeline or Event begin by opening the Project Roles. To do this, hover over the Project label in the Project pod (pod 1) and click the ROLES button. 

2. A  PROJECT ROLES foldout will appear to the right. Hover over the Role that an invitation was sent for but not yet accepted. Click the blue Remind button. 

3. A second foldout will appear titled ROLE REMINDER. Add a personal message and click REMIND to send the Notification. 

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