How do I change the default sort order of Timelines and Events?

*NOTE: Only Project admins can adjust the default sort order settings for Timelines and Events. These default settings are seen by all Project members. 

Adjusting the default settings: 

1. Begin by opening the Project in the Time pod (Pod 3). Click on the Project label. 

2. A PROJECT foldout will appear to the right. Click the blue Sort Order button at the top of the foldout. 

3. A second foldout with appear to the right titled SORT ORDER. To re-order an existing sort order list, follow the instructions in this foldout. Be sure to click UPDATE to finalize the changes. 

4. To create a new sort order list, click the blue New button at the top of the SORT ORDER foldout.

A NEW SORT ORDER foldout will appear. Follow the instructions in the foldout to create a new sort order list. Be sure to click CREATE to finalize the new sort order list. 

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