Glossary of All-In terms

* In alphabetical order 

EVENT - Events are Tasks, To-dos, or Milestones that are organized within Timelines. Each Event is completed by someone who has a Role on the Project. For further information, see:

GROUP - A Group is any grouping of multiple All-In users based on a common interest. Groups can be created around businesses, colleagues, professions or simply people that work well together. Once you are a member of a particular Group, you will be able to view all the Projects associated with that Group. While you cannot complete direct actions on Projects that you do not have a Role on, you will be able to read notes and compare processes. Groups can be invited to fulfill a Role on Project, just like individuals can. For further information, 

LABEL - Labels refer to the identifier that was given to such things as Projects, Timelines, Events and Roles by the person who created them. It is good practice to label Events starting with a verb in the imperative; for example, rather than use "Master Plan Review", use "Review and Comment on the Master Plan". 

MILESTONE - A Milestone is an Event that has an due date/time, but no start time. See also To-do, Task.

NOTE - A Note in All-In is an important alternative to communication via email. Notes are linked to a specific Event, Timeline or Project. They can be additional information regarding the Event/Timeline/Project or a place to communicate with others directly about the Event/Timeline/Project. The information within Notes is available to all members of a Project and used properly, Notes are always available at the right place and at the right time. 

NOTIFICATION - A Notification is a type of message sent from one user to another that is always specific to either a Project, Timeline, Event, Document or Note. For further information, see

POD - All-In is composed of 5 different pods. The Project pod, the Team pod, the Time pod, the Media pod, and the Community pod. Pods are used to organize different types of information. For further information, see

PROJECT - A Project is a collection of Timelines and Events. Each Project contains one or several Timelines. Each Timeline contains one or several Events. Each Project is operated by one or more Project Admins. For further information, see

ROLE - A Role is a placeholder for users who will take responsibility for Timelines or Events. By accepting a Role, you are accepting responsibility for the Event or Timeline the Role is associated with. The responsibility associated with a Role can therefore be easily transferred from one user to another by changing who has the Role. A user may have multiple Roles. Multiple user may share the same Role. For further information, click on the following link and scroll down to ROLES:

TASK - A Task is an Event that has both a start and end date/time. See also Milestone, To-do.

To-do - A To-do is an Event that has no dates/times associated with it. However, To-dos are implicitly associated with the date/time range of the Timeline within which they are contained and displayed. When looking at a Project in the Time pod, you have the option of displaying To-dos within their Timeline either above or below any Events having dates/times in that Timeline. See also Milestone, Task.

TIMELINE - Timelines are groups of Events. The grouping can be based on such things as sharing a common objective, being assigned to a common Role, or sitting within a common phase. For further information, see

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