How do I sort the order of Timelines and Events?

All users are able to sort their Events/Timelines and change the layout of their Time pod (Pod 3). The following setting changes will only be visible to the individual user. 

1. Adjusting the settings to control what Events are visible: 

a) SHOW MINE ONLY view: Selecting this option will make visible only the Events for which you have Role. 

b) HIDE DONE view: Selecting this option will hide from view all Events that have been marked "Done". 

 Be sure to click to RE-ORDER button on the right to finalize the changes.    

2. Changing the "Sort by" settings for Events and Timelines:

Click and open the Sort by drop-down list. 


Several options will appear including: Due/End date, Start date, Alphabet and Creation date. If the Project Admin created a custom sort list for the Project Timelines, you will also see the custom sort list options.    

3. Changing the "Order by" and the "Events without times are" settings: 

a) You can order your Timeline and Event list in either Ascending or Descending order. 

b) You can have Events without times appear either at the top or at the bottom of the Event/Timeline list.  

 Be sure to click the RE-ORDER button on the right to finalize the changes.    

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