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    AdminiLiv Support (Product Manager, iLiv) commented  · 

    Hi Steve!

    You can use Search for that. Using Search, you can find pretty-much anything in the system.

    For a list of all Events marked Done on a given date:

    1. Click "s/t/s" on the left of your screen.
    2. Select your Scope (either My Projects or My Groups' Projects)
    2. Select your Target (Time Pod, in this case since that's where Events are)
    3. Select What you're looking for (Event, in this case).
    4. Now, Add Expression Group (filter), and select from the drop-downs as follows:
    - Event done is True
    - AND
    - Done Date is (

    This will populate your Time Pod with every Event you marked Done on the date you've entered.

    AdminiLiv Support (Product Manager, iLiv) commented  · 

    Hi Jai!

    Have you tried using the "find" button?

    In the Project Pod, at the top left, just above where your project labels start, but below the heading, there is a button marked "find". It's blue. Click "find", and type-in the project label, status, or type that you're searching for. The system will highlight your search results right there in the pod! You can toggle through results using the arrows (you'll see them to the right of the find button at the top of your results).

    Also, since you have such a high volume of projects, you might like our "My Current Projects" feature. At the top of the Project Pod, click "My Current Projects" to list ONLY projects where you have something due to you (i.e. where you are responsible for a Role and that Role is responsible for a Timeline or Event that's due). The results are 'current', so it will only show projects where something is due for you within weeks of today.

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