How can I organize Project Files?

In Pod 4 (Media), links to all files that have been uploaded to a Project — whether directly to Pod 4 (Media), or to Pod 3 (Time) — are available. There, they can be organized into folders.

To create a Folder:

1. At the top of Pod 4 (Media), click “Documents” for a list of your Projects’ folders.
2. Click on the Label for the appropriate Project. This will open the Document Manager foldout.
3. At the top of the Document Management foldout, inside the outlined box, click “New Folder” (in blue) to open the New Folder foldout.
4. It is required that you give the new Folder a “label”. Comments and Descriptions are optional, but can be helpful.
5. Click “save” at the bottom of the foldout to create the new Folder.

To add Files to a Folder:

You can drag and drop Files into your Folders in the Document Manager foldout for a given Project. To open a Folder, click on its label.

To Move Files from one Folder to another:

1. In the Document Manager foldout, click on a Folder to open in.
2. Drag the File you would like to move to the correct “Folder” and drop it there.
 Note: Clicking on the first Folder (the one with the two periods) will bring you back to the main list of Folders for a Project.