How can I be sure not to miss anything? (Notifications)

You can use Notifications to monitor what happens on your Projects by opting to receive email copies of them. 
To opt into Notifications for a specific Project:
In iLiv Performer, there are two places from which you can alter your Notifications settings for a specific Project:
  1. Either, In Pod 1(Project), hover your mouse over a Project Label and click on the chevron that appears. This will open the Project Foldout.
  2. Or, With the Project open in Pod 3 (Time), click on the Project Label. This will also open the Project foldout
Next, at the top of the Project Foldout, click “Notifications” (in blue) to open the Project Notifications Foldout.
  •  Under “Specify Notifications”, check the boxes beside happenings that you would like to be notified about.
  •  Click “save” at the bottom of the foldout.