Where's my work?

Once you have accepted a Role Invitation in Pod 2 (Team) you will have access to said Role’s Project.
To view a single Project:
In Pod 1 (Project), click on the Project Label. Doing this will open the Project in Pod 3 (Time).
A Project’s default view is an entire Project, including all Roles’ responsibilities. Click “show sort” and select the filters you would like to apply, if any. For example, select “show mine only” to see only the Events and/or Timelines for which you are responsible on this Project.
To view a Group Project:
If you are a member of a Group, you can access Projects owned by that Group by clicking “Group”, just above Pod 1 (Projects). Next, click on a Project Label, and that Project will be opened in Pod 3 (Time). 

To view your work, across all of your Projects and Roles:
In Pod 3 (Time), click “What’s next for me?”. It is just above the pod, under its title. To view an entire Project from this view, hover your mouse over an Event and click on the iLiv steps icon that appears.