How can I write/send a new message to a person or group in iLiv Performer?

To write/send a new message:
In iLiv Performer, there are two places from which you can start a message:
1a. In Pod 4 (Media), click “Messages” just above the pod, and then “New” at the top/left, inside the pod. This will open the New Message Foldout. 
1b. Anywhere that you see it, click on a person’s name, and then “Message” at the top of the foldout that opens. This will open the New Message Foldout.
2. In the New Message Foldout, select from “People I work with”, “People in one of my Groups”, or “People on one of my Projects”. This will limit your search results in the next field, making the correct recipient easier to find.
3. As you type a person’s name, full names will appear in the dropdown. Be sure to click on the correct name to add it to the “to” field. Click “x” to remove them. 
4. Type your Message’s Subject in the field provided.
5. Type your Message in the field provided.
6. Click “send” at the bottom of the foldout to send your message.